Exercise 5-1: Best effort and Video traffic class

Test the UDP throughput with simultaneous traffic from station 1 and 2 to the access point. Traffic from station 1 is 20Mbps video stream, the first 10 seconds as Best Effort traffic, afterwards with a prioritized Video traffic class. The stream from station 2 is a Best Effort stream, trying to maximally occupy the medium. Compare the throughput of non prioritized vs. prioritized.

Executed on the access point:

iperf -s -u -i 1 -p 5001
iperf -s -u -i 1 -p 5002

Executed on station 1:

iperf -c -u -b 20M -p 5001
after 10 seconds:
iperf -c -u -b 20M -p 5001 -S 0x80

Executed on station 2:

iperf -c -u -b 50M -p 5002